Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I love you from HERE to Tennessee and BACK!.

This is my best friend Kayla.

My Mom warned me about getting too close to people that are just going to leave me for at the end of the summer and how I would pretty much be in a world of pain. Well she was right, Kayla Stephens has been there for me and has taken care of me when I needed it. She has seen me go through just about everything in one whole Summer.
-Death of a close friend
-Rocky Friendships
-Getting Even
-Tears & Laughter.
Her family is amazing and has welcomed me into their home every time I came over. I am so lucky to have been apart of her Summer and I am so blessed she was a part of mine.  You will never really understand how it feels to have to say " see ya later" to someone who you wont see till Christmas. It's hard. It was hard for me to say Goodbye to my other Best Friend Dani when I left for college last year and I was only an hour and half away. Kayla is going to be in a whole different state and it just hit me.
We had a going away dinner for her tonight at hard8 in Roanoke, most of the group was there...and I'm sitting in the restaurant thinking to myself , " this is the last time we are all going to be together in a very long time". That scares me. These people that I have surrounded myself with all summer are the best people I have ever met in my entire life. We share the same morals and humor, we share memories of screaming at some stupid haunted field that I will never go to again. These are my favorite people in the world, the friends that I hope I never lose. 

Kayla is one of one of the most special girls I know and will never truly realize how wonderful she really is. She has taught me so much this summer, not to let the little things get to me, to just walk everything off. She is one of the strongest girls I know with the biggest heart in the world.
Kayla , you will never understand everything you've done for me. You have listened to me Bitch and Bitch about the same old thing all summer and you still support me. You have been there for me endless times and for things I could never really express to you how grateful I am for. You have gone to the park with me just to sit in silence. You have seen me at my highest point and my lowest points. You're my best friend and that's not going to change. I am so proud of you Kayla Stephens and I am going to miss you more then words can describe. 
I love you from HERE to TENNESSEE and BACK.

-with love. - your best friend.

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